Interpretation Equipment Rental in Nigeria

Interpretation equipment in Nigeria is almost everywhere, but there is a need to be careful of companies and where you get them.

Security issues are not in line with the reasons why you need to be careful about renting interpretation equipment in Nigeria.

However, Ebony Global Interpretation Services Provider is here to offer you the top-notch interpretation equipment in Nigeria. Our interpretation equipment is up to date and very well maintained to avoid any sudden stop or break-in event translation.

If you also need an interpretation service provider, we are available to serve you 

What Type of Interpretation Equipment In Nigeria Do We Offer?

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At Ebony Global, we offer Simultaneous Interpretation equipment, as a company that specializes in Aural interpretation and Visual interpretation equipment in Abuja. 

We know whats professional because we own the equipment and do no rent from other sources or have allies that give us — understanding how sensitive it might be to our associates or business partners. 

We don’t collect and rent out, instead, we have it, and you rent it directly from us. 

As a measure, We mostly check the environment, individuals or groups who are to use it to avoid any damage. If we found out, they are unprofessional or just audiovisual and Videographers. We take the burden to assign one of our experts to help with the translation events.

Type Of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Installation You Can Get.

We understand that sometimes, many conferences or hotels want their o translation equipment installed. As per request or what they might be interested in doing, we have our simultaneous equipment installation below to ease everything.

Permanent Set-Ups Interpretation Equipments in Nigeria

This kind of Interpretation Equipments in Nigeria set-up requires the firm to have its pieces of equipment ready purchased. The reason is that this installation is not portable or mobile as other interpretation installation may seem.

So, if you have your interpretation equipment in Nigeria and need assistance with installation, our services could be of help.

Portable/Mobile Set up

In many cases, venues do not have simultaneous equipment installation done. So, it requires the help of a mobile/portable plant done before the conference or event. 

This type of installation is commonly booths per booth for at least 2 to 3 interpreters.

Whispering Equipment: Interpretation Equipments in Nigeria

Mostly used outdoors with a wireless handheld that receives and transmits voice. Whispering Equipment suitable for tours or if participants on the move always, we offer such interpretation equipment in Nigeria.


What Equipments Are There in Simultaneous Translation Booth?

In our interpretation equipment booth, we make sure every necessary tools and gadget are ready. You find the following in our Silmutaneus Translation Booth.

  • Interpreter Headset 
  • Interpreter Microphone
  • Wireless Receivers
  • Ventilation Fans
  • Chaires
  • Power /Internet Connection and 
  • Appropriate Lighting Gadgets.

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